Authorized Dealer in CHILE: HUGO RUBIO




  • Reseller: HUGO RUBIO
  • Address: Manuel Rojas, 13 - Condomínio Don Agustin - Machalí - VI Region - Chile.
  • Phone (whatsapp): 56 95604-7538
  • Internet:



Do you want to become a FOLEGO TURBO representative in your country? Talk to us and ask what your estimated initial investment is to start your business activities.


As prerequisites, we ask entrepreneurs to have a strong commercial profile, as well as extensive knowledge of the domestic Racing Market in their country.


With the strong growth of the Racing segment in several Latin-American countries, the opportunity for new business and scale of products of the segment in the medium and long term is opened.


If you are interested, speak live through our WhatsApp (link below) or through our e-mail. We will give you all the details related to your investment, commercial support, merchandising and products:




Whatsapp: 55 11 96109-5939 (Osvaldo Miranda)