How to Buy?


All the products and services marketed by FOLEGO TURBO be purchased with NATIONAL CREDIT CARD (BRASIL) / TICKET or ON-LINE DISCOUNT direct into your bank account within the Brazilian territory, through the 2 payment systems: PAGSEGURO or MERCADO PAGO. All these options are valid only if you live in Brazil and if your address is in brazilian territory.

Access our VIRTUAL STORE, register, choose products of your interest, estimated shipping of your order and receive in the comfort of your home all parts and accessories for your vehicle!


International Payments


If you are abroad, you can buy FOLEGO TURBO products through 2 international payment systems: WESTERN-UNION or MONEYGRAM, present all over the world.

First you choose all products of interest. Then you contact our customer service channels (below) to estimate the value of your order in US dollars (USD$). This value will be equivalent to your local currency for shipping purposes by the chosen payment system. The transfer value must be in your TOTAL ORDER​Please attention to the rates charged on shipping. This fee must be added to the amount of your order.


Find out about all payment procedures outward and trust your transfers to the most versatile and abrangentes in the world of international payment system!



Sending International Orders


International shipments are being made by the COURIER mode, through logistics companies such as DHL, FEDEX and UPS. All the management and import procedures, internment and shipping costs must be calculated by the buyer in his country. Mailings by the MAIL SERVICE mode are suspended due to the COVID-19 health crisis.


ATTENTION to any restrictions on access of auto parts/accessories in your country. You should contact your customs broker or government agencies regarding the status of your application in advance. FOLEGO TURBO is not responsible for customs withholding or border inspection.


FOLEGO TURBO has sent its orders to Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and U.S.A. through these companies for more than a decade.